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About Lewis Grant Associates

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Our Mission is: To help our clients achieve all their objectives

We believe that:

  • Motivated people

  • Working collaboratively

  • Using proven processes

  • And appropriate tools

  • Achieve quality results

Company Profile
LGA has been in operation for over eight years, helping international 
organizations in Africa and Asia with strategic and project planning 
issues. LGA is currently based in Massachusetts USA and offers clients 
the following services:

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  • Facilitate your strategic and project planning meetings and workshops 

  • Train your staff to use the LGA facilitation system to make meetings 
    of all kinds more effective and efficient

  • Train your staff to use the MindManger software package.   

  • Consult and provide training for the design and planning of development 

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Our principle:

  • Improved communication leads to improved participation

  • Improved participation leads to improved buy-in to decisions

  • Improved buy-in leads to improved commitment

  • Improved commitment leads to improved follow-up action

  • Improved follow-up leads to improved Results and-

  • Individual results lead to achieving objectives, with a greater chance of achieving organizational goals.

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Our Clients:

  • Lucent Technologies, Marlborough MA

  • Analog Devices Inc. Norwood MA

  • Harvard Institute for International Development

  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Malawi

  • Department for International Development, UK Government

  • Consolidated Diamond Mines (CDM) Namibia

  • PLAN International Malawi

  • University of Namibia

  • Finnish International Development Agency (FINNIDA)

  • German International Development Agency (GTZ)

  • Danish International Development Agency IBIS

  • SADC Fisheries Coordination Unit, Namibia

  • SADC Forestry Coordination Unit, Malawi

  • Namibia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • National Planning Commission, Namiba

  • Fredrich Ebert Stiftung, Namibia

  • Center for Applied Social Science, Namibia

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Contact Lewis Grant Associates
Electronic mail: 
    General Information and sales: contact LGA 
Telephone: (781) 861 6887
Postal address: 
18 Dexter Road, 
Lexington, MA 02420


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We recommend an excellent software product for use in managing brainstorming and project planning activities. The product is MindManager by Mindjet.

A trial copy can be downloaded from the Mindjet website

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Our services are: Training, Facilitation and Consulting

Facilitation Training

Capability 1

We provide in-house training to a group of your staff so that you have a core of capable facilitators in-house.

Capability 2

We follow up by a process of co-facilitating meetings. One of our staff will  help plan the meeting and can be available to assist with difficult situations that may occur during the meeting. This is an effective way to coach your staff and to get them "up to speed" quickly.

Capability 3

We provide back-up consulting to assist your staff with planning difficult meetings or to facilitate those meetings which will be more effective if run by external facilitator. 

We offer web-based support. This is particularly valuable to overseas clients. contact LGA 
 for details 

LogFrame Training

Capability 1

We provide in-house training to your staff to improve their project design and planning skills.

Capability 2

We provide in-house training your staff to improve their use of project design and planning software.

Capability 3

We provide follow up coaching to your staff over the telephone or the web to address those difficult situations that may arise in applying the Logframe or the software to real projects.

If you need high quality training to get the results you expect, contact LGA 

MindManager 5 and 6 Training

We are certified trainers for the MindJet product Mindmanager and provide in-house training to your staff to improve their brainstorming, mind-mapping sessions and their project design and planning skills.

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We provide full facilitation services for:

  • Strategic and project planning meetings

  • Logical Framework project design workshops. We facilitate your project design process for you at the project site anywhere in the world. 

  • Problem solving and quality improvement meetings

  • Organizational change meetings

If you are planning an off-site and want to be sure the you get the results you expect from your meetings, contact LGA 

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We provide consulting services in:
  • Strategic and project planning with particular emphasis on Logical Framework and the Logical Framework Approach. We work with your staff using a real or model project.

  • Improving general meeting efficiency

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