The photo gallery contains photographs 

of recent assignments of LGA staff.

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This shows a group of staff of the British aid organization (DFID)
in Bangladesh developing a 5-year strategic plan for the organization. 
The four boards and flip chart stand at the front of the group contain the visual record of the contributions from the group.
Connections and relationships between ideas can more easily be recognized when the ideas are readily visible.

plenary2.jpg (40322 bytes)

This shows a small group working on the details of the plan. The work of previous steps of the process can be seen on the wall behind the group.  This record of contributions and decisions is permanently displayed for later reference by the planning team.

wpe3.jpg (25828 bytes)

This shows another group working on the strategic plan.
Again, a visible record of the previous steps of their work
is displayed for easy reference.

Group4.jpg (41989 bytes)