Site Visitor Guide  

The site visitor guide is intend to help less experienced web site visitors 
navigate around this web site. 



The top level page shows a diagram with seven "bubbles". A miniature version of the diagram on that page is shown here. Each of the seven bubbles is a button which, when clicked on will take you to to a different page on this web site. The page that you are taken to in this way we refer to as a second level page.

The symbol similar to the one shown below appears at the top of each second level page. One of the bubbles is darkened to remind you which of the seven pages you are currently displaying on your screen. Click this symbol to return to the top level page.

The first level page is short. You probably will not need to scroll unless your monitor is low resolution or your browser window is small.


The second level pages show different "bubble" diagrams. A miniature version of examples of these diagrams is shown here.  Each of the bubbles is a button which, when clicked-on will take you to to a particular paragraph, usually on the same page. These "second level " pages contain text and images, sometimes known as "content".

The content on second level pages provides basic information on the topics covered on the page. The text and graphics on these pages contain "hot-spots" or links which, when clicked-on will take you to more detailed information which may be:

  • on anther page on this web site
  • in a power point presentation on this site
  • other web sites


The second-to-third level links are shown in the diagram on the left. The diagram shows that:
  •  second level pages have a graphic at the top and several paragraphs of text with some graphic/pictures
  • as noted above, the larger bubbles at the top of the page link to different paragraphs on the same  page.  There are also links to the page "About LGA -Products and services - Contact LGA"
  • several links are placed on the right hand side of the page that will take you back to the top of the page you are currently reading  - they look like this- Return to top of page.
  •   other links on the page will take you to:
  •  third level pages which may be:

- other text/graphics pages

- power point presentations

- Adobe acrobat documents

- other web sites

NOTE: If you have used a link to jump from one page to another, the Return to top of page. link will take you to the top of the CURRENT page.


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